Commercial electrical contracting is one of our bigger business areas. Dijkema Electric has years of experience working in commercial. We can serve you in these following commercial areas.

Commercial Electrical service calls

Trouble calls/replacement of broken equipment.

Commercial Electrical fit-ups for strip malls

Give us the plan and let us quote and compete for you fit-up.

Renovations for existing commercial units.

Seeing a need to spice up your unit? Call us @ 613 489 3225  or email us and we can work directly with the General contractor and get you the look to draw in more customers.

Pre-purchase inspections for existing properties

You want to know what you are getting into before you make a big investment. Dijkema Electric will go over the ins and outs of your property. It’s always shocking how many things we can find and point out to customers. This service pays off in spades, in either more bargaining or just awareness of limitations of what you can or cannot do with the property.

High voltage duct bank, and secondary duct bank conduit runs

Contact us for these services, Allow us to bid on and get you the best price to run your feeders and lay your Hydro vaults

Working directly with your contracting firm, big or small

We want to make things easier. We’ve spent years and years working side by side with other firms. This aspect is often not thought about, but essentially provides many areas of savings along the time of the contract. Good relationships fester good quality insightful work.