Why Win-Win-Win?

Why the motto win-win? This short form of our motto really takes a look at why we opened in the first place.

“Legitimate business is win-win. If I sell you a widget for a dollar, you get the widget and I get the dollar. We both win”.
– Adrien Rogers.

There is work out there, people who need to have a service completed. The electrical jobs out there will always provide a value service for you if done right.

Win 1 : Customer

The customer needs a service completed, whether it be an addition to house, a kitchen renovation, a service upgrade for the home or business, or many more upgrades. Notice how they all increase the value and assets of the owner, With Dijkema Electric servicing your Ottawa home or business with electrical work, we can guarantee hard work, and economical pricing. Smart decisions along the way, added with that can save loads of time and money! Which leads to Win 2 and further!

Win 2 : Employees

With above market pay rates, education re-reimbursements and awards, great RRSP for the future considerations, well covered vacation pay, profit sharing, and a few other beneficial services Dijkema Electric, not only provides a quality benefit to the Customer, but clearly to the employee. The Employee then passes on the value to the customer. Well taken care of employees are harder working, and with the education benefits, we aim to produce the best professionals we can provide. There seems to be more than just win-win.. because next comes Dijkema Electric itself.

Win 3 : Dijkema Electric

The ownership of Dijkema Electric stand on the promise of quality and economical service. We aim to make our company, the only company you want to consider to use. Quality and smart choices, count for more than people consider, Professionally trained, and motivated employees help maintain the high level of value. Not needing to charge rates that other companies do to cover many owners and interests, again making us the best option. This is why Dijkema Electric is Win 3 and there are many more wins after this, coming soon to Dijkema Electric is profit donating, in all ways we want to leave a positive footprint..

Please contact us if you want to be part of the winning team!

Unsafe! Not the Dijkema Electric way!

Here are some scary, bad, unsafe electrical and comedic pictures of electrical!

Shorting out fluorescent fixture:

IMG-20130814-00223The Hazards of Aluminum wire:


Someone didn’t account for trim!

I guess velcro has unlimited uses!


Some mudders and drywallers have a certain skill! IMG_0116

Again, This is not our work, but pictures speak a thousand words, and these explain why you need to hire a professional, licenced electrical contractor.